Monday, October 13, 2014

Mother writes letter to child she plans to abort

Did you hear about the mom who wrote a letter to the baby she plans to kill? It's heart wrenching. She knows what she is doing, but she is afraid. Her letter has attracted all sorts of reactions from both sides of the debate. 

I have a different reaction. It's not a novel one by any means, but it is one that isn't heard enough by the pro-life crowd.

What if, instead of condemning this mom for her fearful choice, we offered to help her? What if, instead of judging her, we lovingly showed her another option?

What if we walked the walk in addition to talking the talk?

What if we all said to all moms considering abortion: give your babies a chance at life. 
I will hold your hand while you cry. 
I will listen while you talk through your options and share your fears.
I will offer you shelter when your parents kick you out of the house and your boyfriend abandons you. 
I will buy you some diapers.
I will babysit when you go to school or work.
I will talk to the adoption worker with you.
I will take a birthing class with you.
I will be there with you in the hospital.

What would happen if someone said to this mother, "I will raise your child as my own, and will love and provide for him/her, always making sure that you can share in the experience of loving this life inside you"? 

I will.

Who will join me?


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    1. Aw, thanks, mamma. You and dad are the ones who set such a great example for me. Thank you.