Friday, June 13, 2014


I have an amazing husband, and I want to take a moment to honor him for his part in all of this. Anyone who knows us knows that I am the gas pedal and Peter is the brakes; I dive in head-first while he dips in one toe at a time. But Peter, my rock, lives up to his name.

He had to work late last night, so he called me to pray with me. He prayed for these kids and he said, "Lord, if you choose to give these children to us, we will rejoice; if you choose not to give these children to us, we will rejoice."


We will rejoice. 

We will rejoice because our God is in control. We will rejoice because we prayed that the right family would be chosen, and we know God hears our prayers and doesn't make mistakes. We will rejoice because we had the privilege of praying for children created by the Most High God. We will rejoice because the Word of the Lord does not return void, but accomplishes the purpose for which it was sent.

But mostly, we will rejoice because Scripture tells us to rejoice in the Lord...always.

And, again, I say...


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  1. Yes, we will rejoice in the Lord's will. Glory to His Holy Name!