Saturday, June 7, 2014

Still small voice...

Well, if things could get any crazier, I'd be surprised. It has been a non-stop week.

Peter has been traveling more than usual lately. And, not just short puddle jumping trips, but cross country flights followed by hours of driving. He's been three time zones away four times since March. He was away last week when we got a call about another set of four siblings. Their caseworker wanted to know if we were interested. I was on the fence given that our hearts are so drawn towards the four that we are currently pursuing, but we want to be open to what God has for our family. My amazing husband said we should inquire. So, we told our current social worker, K, to go ahead and get the social summaries. In the meantime, we notified our new social worker, M, of the situation.

One of my favorite Scriptures of late is from the 127th chapter of Psalms: Except the Lord build the house we labor in vain. Within 24 hours, the Lord closed the doors on this new situation. Our new agency doesn't have a contract with the state of origin (it's only one of two states they don't work with, oddly enough) and the children's caseworker decided to go with another family. I praise God on two fronts: first, that He found these precious children a forever home, and second, that He did so quickly, thereby minimizing decisions Peter and I may have had to make.

Since my last post, we have begun the process of switching to an agency that can provide us with the needed foster care piece, and we learned that with that training (and if we are chosen) we will be able to take home the little girl that I thought wasn't going to come. I am consistently amazed at how God has been guiding us even before we knew what we were going to need. He led me to find the alternate training source.

Please do pray for us over the next several days. We have to do about 25 hours worth of training by Tuesday, and we have to do it independently, so we have two computers set up for that. We also have to make a photo book for each child, have a 2-3 hour interview by our committee representative, and have two home visits with our social worker. All of this by Tuesday. Because of that, today's post will be short, but I did promise to blog openly, so I wanted to post at least a little update.

And while we're asking for prayers, please lift up not only the children, but also the foster family who has been loving them (and waiting children and foster families everywhere). If you feel so inclined, you can even go to and pray for children by name.

We praise God for the people in our lives that have been so very supportive. We couldn't do this without my parents helping us watch A, and for the many friends that have been praying and offering support, we are eternally grateful.

A has a CD that we listen to in the car (Psalty the singing songbook anyone?), and the message comes from the story of Elijah - God was not in the wind or the fire or the earthquake, but He was in the stillness. What an appropriate and timely lesson for me as I am pressing close to Jesus so that the whirlwind of a week doesn't distract from leaning on my Shepherd.

Until next time...

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